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foxiness n : shrewdness as demonstrated by being skilled in deception [syn: craft, craftiness, cunning, guile, slyness, wiliness]

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  1. The characteristic or quality of being foxy


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Vitis labrusca (Fox grape) is a species of grape native to the eastern United States. It is the source of many grape cultivars, including Concord grapes. It is characteristic of this vine to have tendrils form on every node of the cane (alternated with clusters). This is in contrast to the European wine grape Vitis vinifera. The characteristic "foxy" musk of V. labrusca is best known to most people through the Concord grape.

Important cultivars derived from Vitis labrusca


Appearances can be deceptive. Fox grapes look very similar to Canadian Moonseed (Menispermum canadense). The berries of the Canada Moonseed contain poisons which can prove fatal if eaten in substantial quantities. Before consuming any wild grapes it is vitally important to check that they are not Menispermum canadense. Wrong identification may have serious consequences.
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